The Thing We Need to Think after Reopening

Many of us are trapped in this situation for a really long time since the pandemic, but the thing is, we finally step ahead toward the next passage. The provincial government has announced the new protocol to the public on June 30, 2021. We appreciated everyone's efforts and cooperation against this pandemic. It is still hard to keep fighting as we all knew the truth is "Delta variant" is around us and much more deadly than normal. This strand is looking for its spot to spread out. That is why we need to start thinking about the question: How do we do after reopening?

First of all, are we ready to get back to the normal lifestyle? Sadly, Sidney in Australia returned to the lockdown for another two weeks because of the Delta pattern. The percentage of delta variants in a total of confirmed cases in England has reached over 50%, which is similar to the local Toronto area. Although our cases have been lower down to 200 a day, it is still a warning that we really need to concern about this problem.

Secondly, according to the research and clinical test, the protective ability to exist vaccine, including the AZ, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J, has dramatically dropped by 20%. A fully vaccinated and immunized population(Now, it is around 30% in total) for a second dose might not be enough to reduce the amount of increasing cases after reopening.